Frequently Asked Questions

Is FOODSAFE Level 1 Hard?
No, we spend extra time to ensure our students find the course easy and enjoyable. We provide support during breaks and conduct frequent review sessions. So far, 96% of our students pass the exam the first try and 100% pass the second try. When a student fails, we go over the exam together with them to identify their weaknesses. We then review the material together and give the student extra time to study. When the student is ready, we offer a free re-test with a new & different exam.

What is the Guaranteed Success or your Money Back policy?

We are confident in our training course that we are happy to offer a money back guarantee to any unsuccessful learner.​ To qualify for the money back guarantee, the unsuccessful learner is required to sit through the full course and fail both the written exam and retest.​


What topics do you cover?

We cover topics including how to handle a foodborne illness complaint, food allergies, sources of food contamination, factors that affect bacterial growth, how to prepare food safely, cleaning & sanitizing, pest control and food safety plans.

What do I need to pass?
You will need to attend the 7 hour course, write the exam and receive a passing mark of 70% or higher.

What if I fail?
Students that receive an exam mark between 60-69% may re-write the exam free of charge. Students that receive a mark below 60% will have to retake the full course.

Is the exam open book?

No, the exam is closed book, but you may study, review and ask an instructor questions before you write the exam.

Can I write the exam without taking the course?
No, you are required to attend the course before you can write the exam.


Does FOODSAFE Level 1 expire?
Yes, FOODSAFE certification expires every 5 years. Certificates issued before July 29th, 2013  do not show an expiry date, and expire after July 29, 2018. Certificates issued after July 29th, 2013 will expire 5 years from the date they are issued.

My FOODSAFE Level 1 is expired. Does this course renew/update my FOODSAFE Level 1 certification?

Yes, this course will re-certify you for another 5 years.

When do I receive my Certificate?

We mark the exam the same day and issue a temporary FOODSAFE certificate immediately to those who pass. These temporary certificates are valid proof that you have passed the course. The official certificate will be mailed to you within 6-8 weeks.


Do you Teach this course Online?
No, we teach this class in person to better support and improve the success of our students. This is how we are able to offer our Guaranteed Success program with confidence.


Can I replace my lost certificate?
Yes, please contact the local health authority office at 250-565-2150 to have your food safe certificate reprinted. Unfortunately, there is $15 fee.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

We understand that surprises happen and plans may change. We honor all cancellations that are notified to us within 24 hours by phone or email.